Dollu kunitha Karnataka's traditional cultural art show. This now includes male and female artists. This art show wedding is the best show to use in company opening ceremony cultural events, temple festival etc.

Dollu kunitha art show must have at least nine artists. We perform with nine artists to 21 artists.We are ready to come to all parts of India and hold an art show. We have a cultural center in Mandya and Chennai

Arts like kaganadaka's traditional art show Hagalu veshagaararu, Goravara kunita, Nagamandala, Karaga, Veeragaase, kamsale, Pooja kunitha, Cilli pilli, Yakshagana we are ready to do anywhere in the world

Contact our dollu kunitha group at 9884436365-9884403648


John milton

Art Group head bharathar is well known in India for Performing Arts performances

dollu kunitha artist kumar
Dollu Kunitha Kumar

Team Leader Kumar is the best team leader and best drummer in South India

dollu kunitha artist jayaram
Dollu Kunitha Jayaram

Our dollu kunitha troupe is very popular in Karnataka. We specialize in the most important events that take place in India

dollu kunitha artist
Dollu Kunitha Artist

Invite our popular art group to take the opportunity to highlight your festivities. Thank you so much to all the people who have supported us for so many years

Karnataka performing arts

Karnataka performing arts,We have traditional artists like dollu Kunitha, veeragase, Beesu kamsale,Huli Kunitha, kamsale nritya, Somana Kunita, Suggi Kunita, Jaggahalige Kunita, Karadi majalu, Hagalu veshagaararu, Goravara kunita, Nagamandala, Karaga, Veeragaase, Kamsale, Pooja kunitha, Cilli Pilli, Yakshagana wherever we are but we are ready to lead the art show.

Our art group consists of male and female artists. Help our art group to make your auspicious events better. Remind us of your home special and call us